Last updated: Spring 2016.

Hey, I’m Dean!

I write essays and code and sometimes I make art with drones and hacked copies of Chrome.

The biggest product I’ve built is Inkling Habitat, a browser-based publishing environment with collaborative authoring, distribution, and analytics (kind of Google Docs + GitHub + Mixpanel). I wrote a large chunk of the code and was also the technical product lead, so sometimes I was hacking out prototypes in customer meetings.

Our thick client has 150,000+ lines of JS and is monitored by 7,000+ unit tests / 500+ integration tests. (We were proud of just using native JS — no jQuery — though we did lean on Backbone for structure.) We were able to be Chrome-only, so we lived on the edge of a lot of the HTML Living Spec / ECMA6 APIs, and we often filed bugs on WebKit and other specs.

Now Habitat is used by some of the biggest publishers, like Pearson and McGraw Hill, to author, stage, and track content for their books and LMSes. It's also used by companies like Starbucks and McDonalds to manage their internal documentation.

Here’s a deep-dive I wrote about the HTML5 drag and drop API while I was implementing semantic drag and drop:

And this is a sample of how I published some of our technical iterations to our internal users:

Most of our code went straight into the app, but I did throw together a quick, couple hour Chrome extension for doing visual diffs in our Jasmine tests:

Before Inkling, I led the front-end at JustAnswer, a profitable, high-traffic Q&A site that grew from eight to forty full-stack developers while I was there. Everyone was writing and consuming front-end code, and some weeks we’d be pushing out five or six different testpath versions of the site, so my goal as architect was to keep the codebase sustainable (there's bunch more about this in my resume).

Besides a couple other startups, I did my Computer Science degree at Georgia Tech (I TA’d the Smalltalk class a couple times), and spent way too much of the late 90s hacking out JavaScript libraries and writing IRC bots. With breaks to travel and study literature and philosophy (two of my other degrees), I’ve been writing web code since the SpaceJam site was new.

Oh, and about that writing: I've spent the past year and a half living between Berlin, Zurich, Turkey, Morocco, and Kosovo — writing mostly about technology, culture, and migration. I'm back in the States now. :-)

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